Kemenag RI: KKH has Done Such a Good Work

Sabtu, 02 Juli 2022 - 20:44 | 32.16k
Kemenag RI: KKH has Done Such a Good Work
The jacket which was used to help the pilgrims lower the heat they felt in Mecca. (PHOTO: Kemenag RI/TIMES Indonesia) 

TIMES HAJI, JAKARTA – The Head of the Internal Supervisory Team for Hajj Implementationand also the Secretary General of Kemenag RI Nizar Ali appreciates the good work done by the health professionals work under Klinik Kesehatan Haji (KKH) or the Hajj Health Clinic. To him, they have done such a stunning work during this hajj season.

"First of all, we would like to say thank you  (to KKH), we were really appreciating your hard work, for they have done such a good job in covering all the health service (needed by all the patients). The pilgrims as the patients have tasted an utmost service and hospitality here," Ali said.

Ali also stated his opinion about the new heat resistance jacket which will be delivered by KKIH in short time. "It's such a great innovation to think of by the government especially the officials worked on the field," he added.

The heat resistance jacket will help the pilgrims to cold down their body temperature during the hot day in Mecca. As for your information, Mecca temperature will reach 40 degrees Celsius in a normal day.

The jacket was equipped with carbon cool which will work for 8 to 12 hours after kept in a fridge. The carbon covered in fabric will give such a cool sensation while being used by the pilgrims to do their routine under the heat of the sun.

"The pilgrims could use it to do their routine especially when they throwm some stone during jumrah. Thus then they will not need to bring some umbrella to cool off. And this jacket only weight for 2 kg," Ali, the Secretary general of Kemenag RI ended. (*)

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