Kemenag RI Appealed the Pilgrims to Go to Clinic for First Aid

Senin, 11 Juli 2022 - 21:33 | 54.07k
Kemenag RI Appealed the Pilgrims to Go to Clinic for First Aid
Plh Karo HDI Setjen Kemenag Wawan Djunaedi pn press conference. (Photo: Rifqy/TIMES Indonesia) 

TIMES HAJI, JAKARTA – Hajj routine will be ended in a few days. some of the pilgrims has started to do their routine and spend a night in Mina. Some even has prepared to go back to Mecca for they have finished all their routine in the city. and this activity also monitored by the Kemenag RI.

Kemenag RI or the Ministry of Religious Affair Indonesia is responsible to everything connected to hajj especially the Indonesian pilgrims in Mecca. They also put a huge concern about the pilgrims health by putting some small health centers in Mina.

Plh Karo HDI Setjen Kemenag RI Wawan Djunaedi said that they have prepared several healthcare tents scattered around Mina for the pilgrims whenever they think they need a first aid. The healthcare center will only charge those with minor symptoms.

"For those who has major health issue will be taken to Al Wahdi and Mina Al Jisr Hospital Saudi Arabia," Djunaedi said on a press conference at Media Center Haji, Asrama Haji Jakarta on Monday (11/7/2022).

The Plh Karo HDI Setjen Kemenag RI Wawan Djunaedi also appealed everyone to not hesitate to visit the healthcare center whenever they feel they need a help. He also stated that the sooner they gor a first treatment the more chance they get to be better soon.(*)

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